Leonardo Paciarotti

Leonardo Paciarotti

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First Name * Leonardo
Last Name * Paciarotti
Username * leoarts
Country * España
City Barcelona
Nationality Spanish
Languages Spanish



Website leoarts.blogspot.com/


Birth of a March 16 in 86 in Argentina ... but little enjoyed his country ... his parents decided to move to Spain with him when he was only 4years old. No had to scratch walls of the house too many to imply that he wanted this so crazy world called art. Started forming in the Schools of Artisans (Valencia) and later moved to a better life, the Faculty of Fine Arts, San Carlos. Already licensed, are dying to take on the world, of course, instead of using a knife and fork, he prefers to use a pencil, many leaves as possible, all your imagination!

Where can you find what makes Leonardo?
En el Blog: http://leoarts.blogspot.com/ o aquí mismo!


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
To earn it, make great work, and start networking to get your work seen. Editor's Choice 3